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2016 April 23rd

This is the general Dealer information letter for the WFC42 website. If you are interested in being considered as a Dealer at WFC in Columbus in 2016, please complete the Application and Waiver Forms found after this letter and return them to us before 31 May 2016. Payment will not be due until we notify you via e-mail that you have been accepted as a Dealer and told how many tables we can sell you. As of today, we expect that the price will be USD 175.00 per six-foot table.

World Fantasy Dealers’ Rooms are traditionally focused on the bound printed word. The WFC2016 Dealers’ Room will be juried and space will be limited. If you think your merchandise may not be suitable, please ask us in advance. WFC42 reserves the absolute right to select Dealers and to limit the number of tables and square footage assigned to each dealer. Submitting an application is no guarantee of space in the Room. In general, all Dealers will be expected to have their tables manned every hour that the Room is open; please judge your staffing needs accordingly.

All Dealers and their staff members must be Attending Members of WFC42 before they will be allowed to set up. If you do not already have an Attending Membership, you may purchase up to two [2] per confirmed table at a special rate of USD150.00 when you pay for your confirmed tables.

Electricity will be available, but your need for it must be noted on the Application along with any other special requests.

Your Application and Waiver must be complete, legible and signed to be considered.

Application and Waiver in PDF form

As a general reminder, WFC does not have: costuming, gaming or a masquerade. We offer a very focused program, an Art Show and a Dealers’ Room. Parties, excursions, and other activities will occur, but are not part of the formal structure of WFC

Tentative schedule:

2016 May 31: All Dealer applications must be received by this date. We will acknowledge receipt by e-mail.

2016 Jun 30: We will make our jury decision and notify confirmed dealers by e-mail.

2016 Aug 31: All payments for confirmed tables must be received by this date.

Please address all questions to:

Larry Smith – WFC42/2016
3824 Patricia Drive
Upper Arlington OH 43220+4913 USA

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